Mayo Clinic Endorses Health Coaching?

I don’t know that it should be called an endorsement, but the Mayo Clinic has published good news about health coaching.

In an article entitled Study Finds Wellness Coaching Benefits Last Over Time, Mayo made the following points:

• Wellness coaching is increasing in popularity.

• Mayo employs wellness coaches in its Healthy Living Clinic.

• The Mayo Clinic studies 100 of its own employees who were being coached in-house.

• The outcome of the study, according to the Mayo Clinic website:

Study results, which appeared in Mayo Clinic Proceedings in 2014, demonstrated significant improvements at 12 weeks in all areas — overall quality of life, the five domains of QOL, depressive symptoms and perceived stress levels.

That was 2014. And this is great news for the health and wellness coaching field. Life coaching, in general, has been receiving an ongoing series of recommendations as a viable career choice. The more the research bears out favorably for the industry, the more it will grow, fueled by consumer demand.

As more and more life coach training institutes appear on the education scene, hopefully, standards in the industry will remain stable or strengthen amid rumors of future government regulation. For now, suffice it to say that the good news for life and wellness coaches and their clients continues to roll in.