Mindfulness Breathing Techniques to Slow Down Time and Relax

Mindfulness changes your perception of time.

Can you guess whether mindfulness speed up time or slows it down?

Mindfulness slows down time.

In a more mindful state, it feels like you have more time. This is proven through research. Interestingly, it only takes one brief mindfulness meditation session for the time-slowing effects of mindfulness to work.

Check out the story and research references on Greater Good. Also note the results of slowing down time applied to mindfulness meditation and not Transcendental Meditation.

Why would you want to slow down time?

There are psychological benefits to slowing down time.

Less anxiety, more peace of mind. In anxiety, time appears to go by faster

Racing thoughts are associated with mania, anxiety, overwhelm, and panic disorder.

How to Slow Down Time with Mindfulness

It may be too simple for you but mindful breathing relaxes you thoroughly and slows down your perception of time. Your mind clears and you begin to feel grounded quickly, after just a few minutes of mindful breathing.

Here are two mindful breathing methods:

Four Count Breathing / Box Breathing

This is a classic mindfulness technique that has been used for decades by life coaches, counselors, consultants and personal trainers. Box breathing calms you down physiologically and brings you into the present moment.

  • Inhale to count of 4
  • Hold four counts
  • Exhale to count of 4
  • Hold four counts
  • Repeat

According to Harvard health

There is only one non-drug treatment approved for hypertension by the FDA — a device called RESPeRATE. It uses musical tones to guide deep abdominal breathing. Its goal is to reduce the number of breaths to under 10 per minute, and to prolong each exhalation. Clinical trials have shown that daily RESPeRATE use lowered blood pressure, sometimes as much as a blood pressure pill would have. This lowering effect also lasted long after each session. Instead of a RESPeRATE device, you can always use one of several free mobile apps that teach deep breathing.

Source: https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/stress-raising-your-blood-pressure-take-a-deep-breath-201602159168

These days we’re more inclined to use apps like iBreathe (my personal favorite).

Darth Vader Breathing

Making Darth Vader-like sounds on the exhale of a breathing technique can be extra relaxing. Read more on Darth here.