Living in the Past ~ The Key to Moving On Isn’t What you Think

If you’ve been accused (or accused yourself) of living in the past, the following will both shock and inspire you.

Here’s the deal. You’re not 100% living in the past. Not even close. If 100% of you were living in the past, the present would be lost on you.

No one lives 100% in the past!

What gives? A part of you is stuck in the past.

Think about it. You go to work. You tend to details at home. You interact with friends and do plenty of adult stuff. If you were 100% stuck in the past, with that childhood mindset, these things would be far less possible. And you’d be less (if at all) interested in adult things.

Living in the past 100% would mean you have zero capacity to process the present. No one is in that situation for all practical purposes.

So, part of you lives in the past, OK. Are you with me?

What to do with the part of you that’s living in the past.

You want to move on, right? Not so fast.

This part of you isn’t on board. The key to updating yourself lies in updating the part of you that finds purpose in seeing the present through the lens of the past.