Zero Calorie Food BS

I have known many people who focus much of their energy on staying thin and losing weight. For most of them, this involves incorporating “zero-calorie” or “low-calorie” foods into almost every meal.

Personally, I have never understood this “fad” because I think that those foods taste artificial, and I simply do not enjoy eating them. But a lot of people look past this unpleasant feature of the “low-cal” foods and continue to substitute whole foods with them religiously.

Firstly, let’s address the myth of “negative calories”. Some say that if you eat enough celery, for instance, you will trick your body into burning calories while eating it, rather than gaining calories.

There is so little caloric value in celery that it actually takes more energy to chew and digest it, than the celery actually contains. But, in order for this to be deemed true, you would have to eat a rather large amount of celery, I’m sure it wouldn’t be enjoyable, and it is probably not recommended by health professionals to seek weight loss in this way.

If you replace your low-calorie foods with whole ones and add a bunch of fruits and vegetables to your diet, you’re guaranteed to start feeling healthier and seeing results.

Fruits and vegetables are what some professionals call “nutrient dense”, which means that they pack a lot of punch (nutrients), and have a small amount of calories per serving.

The only true “zero calorie” beverage, is water. This seems to be neglected all too often, being replaced by sports drinks and drinks that often contain sodium, sugar, or artificial sweeteners.

Making sure that you are drinking the recommended amount of water per day will help to flush your body of toxins, and help you lose weight as well.