The Forehead-Slapping Key to Weight Loss

Portion control.


Over the last 50 years, the average portion size in food servings has grown tremendously. So has the average size of our bellies. Our portion sizes are so out of whack that bringing portions back to normal is now called portion control.

In Britain, the Daily Mail reports that portion sizes have doubled since the 1950’s. Twice as much food. Twice as much fat on our bodies? Who knows who much portion sizes have increased in America, the land of super-size.

When you really think about it, we’re disgusting creatures, sitting around for hours stuffing our faces with god-knows-what’s in that processed foodstuff. Then, we top it off with a few hours of television and wheezy night’s sleep. It reminds of me the ancient Romans legends. Parties with people so self-indulgent that they keep purge buckets by the table so they can puke up what just ate to make room for more.

If take a subtle comfort in the Roman habit of bingeing and purging, then you should know that, like so many legends, it’s all crap. Ancient Roman vomitoriums weren’t used for self-indulgent eaters to purge their bloated bellies.

So where does this leave overstuffed, self-indulgent, modern western culture?

Without a leg to stand on.

We’ve got more gimmicks to help us keep our portion sizes under control than anyone in the history of the world has ever had. We’ve got tools like NLP and hypnosis to tame and train our minds to lose weight. We’ve got appetite-curbing drugs. We’ve got everything but the will to follow through.

The key to weight loss is to put less food on your plate. God, it’s so simple. And so hard to do.