The Single Most Important Factor in Weight Loss

The national weight control registry has shown that people succeed in losing weight with many different kinds of diets. Most members also found they endured several failures before finally succeeding at losing weight and keeping it off.

If you haven’t found the right weight loss diet for you don’t give up hope. People who have done it say it can take a lot of experimentation and failure before you conquer this one.

Moreover, if the goal is weight loss, the diet you use this less important then how seriously you are about it. Yep, that’s it Yep that’s it the most important factor in weight-loss. How serious are you? Commitment to the process to achieve your desired weight means sticking to a plan that works even when:

  • It’s much more difficult than you imagine
  • You’d rather do almost anything than avoid that potato chip
  • Other people are eating delicious food that is not on your diet
  • You’re stressed beyond rational capacity to cope
  • Stop caring altogether

Regardless of the excuse you’ll need to be stronger than your excuses. In light of this reality, it might be safe to say people who want to lose weight merely wish they were thinner. And they are serious enough to make the necessary sacrifices. And yes those sacrifices can seem ungodly.

Try the following. Say the following two lines to yourself

I wish I were thin. I wish I could lose weight.

I am absolutely committed to doing whatever is necessary to become thin. I’ll make whatever sacrifices I need to make. I’m that serious.

They’re so different, right?

Still, telling yourself you’re serious and actually being serious are two very different things.