The Part of You that Wants to be Fat

You might have a part of you that wants to be fat.

There you are with your diet and weight loss plans. You gin up your motivation, revise your shopping list, maybe buy an elliptical machine. This time you’re going to stick to it!

Alas, lack of motivation sets in. Why?

Because part of you wants to be fat. It’s as simple as that. You’re not aligned on the inside. And when this part of you takes over, your weight loss goal changes. You suddenly no longer care about fitness. You don’t want to stick to your diet. You want to eat and eat and be fat.

Why would a part of you want to be fat?

To protect you. All parts of us want to protect us, according to parts psychology. How could being fat protect you? Let’s count the ways.

Protection from:

  • Attention from the opposite sex
  • Success
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Boredom

And so on!

Indulging in food is an escape from so much! When you begin to practice discipline around food, you eliminate the coping mechanism you’ve relied on so long. So, part of you remains committed to keeping the coping mechanism available. As much as you want to succeed in your weight loss efforts, you cannot beat a part of you that’s so committed from your protection.

The evidence speaks for itself, does it not?

What to do with the part of you that wants to be fat.

Accept it. Stop trying to beat it. Get to know it. You must work with it!

Start by admitting that not all of you wants to be fat. Only part of you does. Think about this part of you. Be curious about it. Rest your attention on the inside. Ask yourself where this part of you is located. What do you see, hear, or feel on the inside when you consider the part of you that wants to be fat.

Appreciate this part of you for wanting to protect you. It all begins here.