Revolutionary Weight Loss Idea: When to Eat

Eat when you are hungry. Stop when you’re satisfied.

These simple instructions will guide you to lose weight steadily until you reach your body’s ideal weight. There is no special diet. No food restrictions. It’s so simple.

However, it takes some self-awareness and practice. Most of us live out our lives in relation to food without paying attention to hunger. We eat when we want to taste something good. Or when we’re stressed out. Or bored.

Emotional eating has made America fat and unhealthy.

Here’s a simple eating formula.

When your body shows two signs of physiological hunger, eat. Eat whatever you want. Stop when you are no longer hungry. Not full. Not STUFFED! No longer showing signs of physiological hunger.

What are the signs of physiological hunger?

  • Grumbling stomach
  • Weakness
  • Sensation in throat
  • Along with compelling thoughts of food

Be careful with the compelling thoughts of food. You can get those for any reason! But when they accompany a growling stomach, for example, they’re natural.

You must know you’re OK when you’re not eating.

Some of us have scary thoughts that we’re going to starve. Or that we somehow can’t cope without turning to food. Sometimes the sheer boredom gets to us. Eating out of boredom is HUGE. When you cut that out, suddenly you have time to fill. What will you do with yourself?

Make a list of things you can do when you’re bored but not physically hungry.

And when you’re thinking of eating but no actually hungry – tell yourself that it’s ok. Your body is fine. Your inner child may need some soothing, but you can do that:) But the body does not require food at the moment. All good!