Ketogenic Diet Results Vary Based on your Level of this….

Ketogenic diet results are 100% inevitable. Whether you’re thrilled or not with your specific results depends on how well you’ve prepared for the keto diet.

Bad preparation leads to bad results. Good preparation leads……OK you get the idea. I don’t even know why I started writing something so obvious. Waste of keystrokes.

Or is it?

Yeah, it really is. What we need to discuss is how to prepare to get the best keto diet results possible for you to get.

Mentally, physically, emotionally, and…..Skillsy

To give you an idea how to prepare for awesome ketogenic diet results, here is a list of all the questions I needed to answer before committing to the diet. You should recognize some of these because you’ve been asking them yourself.

And hopefully you’ll find some very useful , eye-opening questions as well. It’s all about setting yourself up for success.

Ketogenic Diet Questions to Produce Optimal Results

The idea here is that you should have answers to the following questions before committing to a keto meal plan. Here they are.

Why should I do a ketogenic diet over the dozens of other diets I could just as easily do?

What are my ideal macronutrient ranges on a keto diet?

What do calories or portion control have to do with it?

I have high cholesterol. Is this safe?

I have high blood pressure. Is this safe?

I have high blood sugar. Is this safe?

How much exercise, for how long, how often do I need to do to accomplish both fat loss and muscle retention.

Can I drink diet soda or other zero calorie drinks that are sweetened with sucralose?

Should I bother measuring ketones with those strips?

How much water should I drink daily?

Is it going to work? Why does it fail when it does?

How can I avoid the most common reasons people fail.

Can I take BCAA supplements – flavored?

Are there supplements to avoid?

Ask the right questions up front and properly prepare yourself and your keto diet should produce amazing results.