gratitude weight loss

Gratitude to Increase Weight Loss, Health and Fitness

Gratitude may be the best weight loss tool there is.

I’ve got a few pounds to lose and – guess what? – I’m killing it with gratitude! A simple gratitude practice every day melts the pounds away. How?

Because the more I feel grateful, the less I feel like a victim. The less I feel like a victim, the more empowered I feel. Weight loss motivation comes naturally.

Here’s my gratitude weight loss practice…

Start by asking a question: What do I have going for me?

  • Money isn’t an issue
  • I work from home
  • Flexible schedule
  • I can hire a talented dietitian or trainer
  • Totally supportive family
  • I have tools like NLP at my disposal

I honestly have no excuse! I am so grateful for each of the above things and the list could go on and on. I am truly fortunate. Yet, weight loss has always been a struggle – like I’m hanging onto some kind of self-sabotage.

The thing is, gratitude clears that up, too. How can you be immersed in gratitude and still say, “Screw it! I’m going to eff this all up anyway.” It’s much less likely, at any rate.

The Main Reason Gratitude is the Ultimate Weight Loss Tool

Gratitude eliminates self-victimization, which makes you feel powerless. We all know that to make the necessary weight-loss sacrifices, you cannot afford the luxury of victimizing yourself. Most us of tend to punish ourselves by – you guessed it – overeating and forcing ourselves to be so uncomfortable in our own bodies.

Think about it!