5 Best Leg Exercises to Try at Home

Our day to day to regime involves a lot of walking or even running. But we seldom think about it, do we? Fitness experts recommend that whether you’re an athlete or a person who works a 9 to 5 shift, you need to identify the importance of having strong legs. Furthermore, people need to strengthen their legs to have an overall healthy body. This article focuses on the 5 best leg exercises that you can try at home!

Have you ever suffered a cramp while trying to run too fast or while you’re trying to lift something? This is a sign that your legs aren’t quite strong. And, that they require some buffing.

So, without much ado, let’s dive and find out what those exercises are:

The Solution We Need But Are Too Lazy To Take Up

Incorporating the best leg exercises in your morning routine can do wonders for you. However, it’s understandable that most people do not get a lot of time to go to the gym. And, some just don’t think about it due to the measly salary they are getting for grinding a 9 to 5 job. It might be just a dream to afford all the fancy, expensive workout equipment.

But If you are determined to build up strength, and work on your physical health then you need to be the one who breaks the stereotype the world has created for us. Set a goal to be as toned as the people you would see in Baywatch. 

This is because besides being advantageous in the day to day life, having toned legs is also a perk when it comes to the ladies. So, deciding to create your own workout at home, with the best leg exercises is an excellent choice. A leg workout that you could do right at home.

How To Regain Your Strength And Look Fabulous Using The Best Leg Exercises?

Are you looking to tone your thighs and build up your body strength? Then we suggest that you make the following 5 best leg exercises a part of your daily routine. All you need to do is buy a yoga mat and put on your exercise clothing to get started.

1. Lunges – Warm Yourself Up With A Few Lunges To Get Started On Your Workout

Before you dive into a full-fledged workout and start exercising all of your leg muscles, you need something to warm you up. Lunges are some of the best leg exercises to ease your body into a workout session.

They stretch your muscles, loosen up the tension you have been holding in your body, and allows for a subtle rise in body temperature as you exercise. In addition to getting your body ready for the ordeal, warming up will get your mind prepared for what’s coming up too.

To do a basic lunge, simply stand up straight. Now put one foot in front of the other, like you are about to take a big step. Bring your body down so that both of your legs are making an angle of 90 degrees bending at the knees.

Then use the foot that you had previously put forward to push yourself back up again. Repeat this best leg exercise about 10 times before you switch up the legs.

2. Basic Squats – Fire Up Your Glutes

Have you been complaining about a less than perfect backside? Now is the time to end all your worries, for squats are in to save your back! For real!

Your glutes are some of the biggest muscles in the lower limb, and so it is only fair that you give them the importance that is due. The best way to do this? Follow some of the best leg exercises you will find on the face of the earth.

Yes, we are talking about the very basic, very easy squat. This wonderful exercise is all you need to get in shape.

When you have warmed yourself up sufficiently, stand back up and place your feet hip-width apart. Lock your fingers behind your head, lower your body and bend at the knees until you are sitting down on your feet.

Then stand back up and straighten yourself. Do this 30 times in one go, or as long as you can bear.

3. Pistol Squat – Build Strength And Balance In Your Body

So, you are building up all of that strength, but what about balance? To gain this advantage of working out, you might want to indulge in some pistol squats.

This is done exactly like your regular, basic squat except for two things. One, you raise up one leg instead of putting it forward. Two, you stretch your arms outward. This helps you balance yourself on the one leg. Do this 10 times with each leg before you move on to the next of our best leg exercises. 

4. One Leg Hip Raises – Had a burger for lunch? Burn those extra calories with Hip Raises

If you had a big lunch, you might be feeling guilty. However, these one leg hip raises are here to set everything right. Lie face down on the ground with both legs bent at the knees.

Now, raise one of the legs and use the gluteal muscles to raise your hip above the ground. Hold the position for a couple of seconds before you let go. Repeat 10 times for each leg

5. Running – One of the best leg exercises that you could do right from the comfort of your home

Do you avoid running because you will have to leave the house for it? Why not do it at your home? You can buy this treadmill and start ASAP.

Simply run in place to get all the advantages of the exercise without having to head to the nearest park. Running will not only benefit your legs, but it will engage your entire body into the workout. And of course, it will help you get rid of the cramps in your legs too!


These are the 5 best leg exercises that you can try. Moreover, if you want to transform your body completely, then you can check out these 7 terrific ways to shape up.