5 Best Cheap Trampolines You Can Work Out At Home

Whenever you think of cheap trampolines, you automatically start thinking about having fun, jumping around, and doing some physical activity. In other words, it won’t be wrong to say that most people think they are manufactured to have fun. 

One of the very first trampolines was made back in 1934, and they were primarily used to train astronauts. Some were even used for teaching people for other sports. 

Still, soon enough trampolines gained a lot of popularity and became a sport in themselves. 

Trampolines, however, made their sport’s debut down the years, in 2000 at the 2000 Games, in Sydney. 

In today’s world, cheap trampolines are available everywhere, for anyone to use. They come in different sizes, shapes, and different materials. 

They provide a different purpose for everyone. Although, at a glance, you might think that all the trampolines are the same, but in reality, they’re a lot different. For example, a trampoline lying in your backyard will have completely different dynamics and materials used, compared to a trampoline from the trampoline park.

We have shortlisted 5 best cheap trampolines for you. With them, you won’t only have fun but use them for professional training use as well.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the different types of trampolines that are available in the market for you to buy and keep in your home. 

5 Best Cheap Trampolines

1. The Rebounder/Mini Trampoline

If you live in an apartment or a small house, but you’re conscious about your fitness and want a trampoline, then the rebounder will be the perfect catch for you. This one is straight out of the cheap trampolines category, and it’s also one of the smallest and compact. You can use them both indoors or outside in the backyard. 

Mini trampolines serve to elevate the heart-rate because they cause a lot of vigorous movements in your body. It also helps in strengthening your leg and thigh muscles as the constant jumping puts a lot of pressure onto them, this ultimately helps in making your lower body stronger and your legs faster. 

The best part about the Rebounder trampoline is its size. You can easily slide it under a bed or keep it in a corner without taking up much storage. 

There are, however, some things that you should consider before you buy the trampoline, and that includes a strong stabilizer bar. The bar determines how much weight it can withstand, and that’s an essential thing to consider if you don’t want to break your trampoline on the first jump. 

Another thing to consider is the size. Most trampolines are 40 inches in size, but there are smaller ones too that are around 36 inches. The benefits with smaller trampolines are that they’re tighter, so they make your exercises more exhaustive and vigorous. JumpSport 220 Fitness Trampoline is one of the finest ones you can get.

2. Round Trampolines

Round trampolines are also one of the most common cheap trampolines that are used a lot in homes, placed in backyards, for playing and having fun. Just like any other trampoline, round trampolines also come in various sizes according to your preference. 

The circular design of these trampolines significantly reinforces the safety feature of these trampolines, because whenever you jump, the round figure of the trampoline will guide you back towards the center of the trampoline after the jump, keeping you safe from falling off the edge. 

Children love to play in round trampolines, however, it is essential to choose one that comes with good protection. Most accidents are likely to happen on the spring trampolines. If you want to reduce the risk of an accident further, go for the round trampolines without springs. These are not cheap trampolines, but they’re definitely worth the price. Check out this one: Skywalker 15-foot Jump N Dunk Round Trampoline With Enclosure Net.

For added safety, pick a trampoline with a protective netting around them so that there are some support and something to hold onto should you experience a fall. 

3. Rectangular Trampolines

Rectangular trampolines make a good fit for professional training. You can easily store them in the backyard and use it on a daily basis to train.

This one works best when you have a smaller home with space issues. You can find them in smaller sizes, and move around much easily compared to the round ones, due to their shape. The rectangular design also makes the trampoline quite easier to position and doesn’t require an uneven amount of space like the round ones. 

One reason why this is better for professional use is the fact that many experts claim the rectangular trampolines to have a ‘sweet spot’ that offers the maximum amount of bounce to a jumper. Parkour enthusiasts, athletes, and gymnasts mostly train on rectangular trampolines for maximum practice and professionalism. 

Compared to the round ones, the rectangular trampolines can be a bit pricey. Therefore they are usually better and more affordable for people working for professional events and sports rather than for recreational activities. Here’s a viable one for you to consider: Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline With Net.

4. Springless Trampolines

Springless trampolines aren’t one of the cheap trampolines available in the market. First off, they’re currently gaining popularity amongst people as they are considered to be quite safe deemed to be compared to the spring ones. 

You might be wondering how the springless trampoline works? Well, they work on a new technology where the strings are replaced with a net made up of stretch bands and various other solutions that produce a bounce. This allows you and your children to have fun without any worries about the springs snapping or breaking. 

But, with a great product comes at a high price, and the springless trampolines aren’t short of a high price either. The only downside to this fantastic trampoline is the price. These trampolines are way more expensive compared to the standard springs ones, and that’s why they might not seem like a feasible option for many customers. 

These trampolines come in various weight capacities. A normal one would be somewhere around 250 to 300 pounds, but if you want ones with more massive size than you should know that these trampolines are even strong enough to have a 1,100 pounds capacity. Check this one out if you’re interested in springless trampolines, Springfree Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Basketball Hoop And Ladder.

5. Square Trampolines

Although one of the cheap trampolines available in the market, square trampolines are still quite rare. You can consider them as a middle ground between the round models and the rectangular ones. They also take up less space compared to the rectangular ones but are slightly more expensive than the round ones, at least. 

Depending on the size, you can use them both outdoors or indoors. And, thanks to the rectangular shape, you will face no problems fitting it in tight corners and spaces. One other great thing about square trampolines is that you can use them effectively for both recreations and for practicing. 

The square trampolines come with the better weight capacity. However, make sure that you choose one that is built with dense metal layouts rather than a lighter material structure. These trampolines are also slightly more significant than the round ones in a way that they have at least 20% more jumping area compared to the round trampolines of the same size. 

One of the biggest advantages of square trampolines is that they’re safe for all ages. Even without a safety net, you can still have fun without any worries. Furthermore, in most square trampolines, the springs are in a crisscross pattern, which disallows very high bounce, creating further safety, especially for the children.

With all these things in sight, square trampolines are a pretty decent option to buy for your house. And, just make sure that it’s the right size so that everyone can have a pleasant experience and you can also work on your physical activities. 

Final Verdict About Cheap Trampolines

The trampolines mentioned above are some of the cheap trampolines that you can buy in the market easily. They’re great for professional as well as recreational use. They come in various shapes and sizes so you can have the fun, indoors, or outdoors depending upon your mood and the size of your product. 

Moreover, their different innovative spring designs as well as exclusive designs that offer excellent stability while jumping. Moreover, they also offer a lot of safety. It is a fantastic platform to have fun and also train for different activities and sports. 

If you are looking for a cheap trampoline to buy, it’s obvious that you are all ready to get fit. Hence, you also need to keep a closer look at your diet and exercise regime. To help you in this regard, consider these best leg exercises and a keto-friendly diet.